The three strategies below begin to implement a culture of data collection and information sharing at UC Davis. The metrics, tools and methodologies within these strategies will serve present and future university initiatives and projects. Access to unit-level data is available to authorized parties through the campus authentication service.

Cohorts Strategy

cohort iconThe cohort model measures student progress from a common admission point for groups of incoming freshman and transfer undergraduates. The strategy aims to define data variables applicable to the student experience and foster a data-driven community by increasing accessibility to core data.

Questionnaire Strategy

questionnaire strategy iconThe questionnaire strategy uses best practices to develop consistent and reliable survey information. The strategy includes developing appropriate questions/statements to improve services that impact the student experience, making basic statistical analysis readily available for practitioners to inform decisions and storing survey data in a central repository. The survey repository will allow the division to effectively survey with increased response rates and reduced survey fatigue. 

Swipe Card Strategy

swipe iconThe swipe card strategy tracks use of student services in real time. This strategy aims to provide a holistic picture of services that contribute to degree attainment and the student experience.